The President of Kazakhstan entrusted the handling of his helicopter to Standartplast specialists

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In May 2015, Standartplast engineers and acoustics received a new responsible and important task: to conduct measurements and set the heat and sound insulation in Nursultan Nazarbayevs, President of Kazakhstan, Mi-172 helicopter.

It is not the first project for the helicopters sound insulation for our specialists, but, nevertheless, the solutions obtained during calculations and selection of materials turned out to be unique! With a minimum complete sets weight we achieved impressive results on noise reduction (5-6 dB in different frequency ranges).

The work was carried out with special StP materials:

- Melaton (in different versions);
- STP FP (special fire resistant material);
- Vibroplasts VDF (fire resistant, with based on Aero sealant);
- Surdometall.

A wide range of specially designed materials and their constructs for the aviation industry meets all strict VIAM (All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials) requirements on the composition and flammability.

Moreover, StP materials are recognized as the most effective and completely safe. That is why Standartplast company is chosen by the heads of the states.