The development of sound insulation kit for Superjets

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“Standartplast” vibro-acoustic laboratory experts are working on another project for air transport. This time, they work on the civilian aircrafts Sukhoi Superjet 100.

We already conducted the research on the creation of sound insulation set to reduce noise.

Modern Russian aircrafts Sukhoi Superjet 100 have been developed together with European companies on aircraft construction and they fully comply with international standards. The noise reduction set, developed by our company acoustics specialists, will allow this aircraft model to become more competitive and comfortable.

Earlier, vibro-acoustic laboratory employees have implemented individual projects on air transport soundproofing. But mostly these projects were for top officials. Specialists of accredited vibro-acoustic tests laboratory have been instructed to carry out the tests, to develop and install a set of thermal and acoustic insulation.

Also, we continue to work on the usage of new developments in the field of noise reduction for Sukhoi Superjet 100 VIP salons equipment together with colleagues from the “VEMINA Aviaprestige”. The King of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej has already ordered even three aircrafts in this complete set with StP improved sound insulation.

It should be noted that a wide range of specially designed materials and their constructs for the aviation industry meets all VIAM (All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials) requirements on flammability.