Helicopters for top officials have our sound insulation system

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In 2013, “Standartplast” company has implemented one of the largest and most serious projects, namely soundproofing Mi-8 helicopter for the President of the Russian Federation.

The StP team had special task - not to break the technical characteristics of the helicopter. To do this it was necessary to find a material that has the highest efficiency at low weight and thickness. This is how StP Aero - highly efficient vibration absorber with a minimum thickness at a high mechanical loss factor (the main vibration absorber indicator), appeared.

As a result, besides the research of Mi-8 helicopters vibro-acoustic characteristics, StP team has developed a range of acoustic protection system, that meets PS-80 requirements according to GOST 20296-81.

In other words, Mi-8 helicopter internal noise was reduce by 5 dB, which is very significant, because the noise for passengers decreased by 4 times. The complete set’s weight here is only 35 kg.

“Standartplast” company is proud of the successful implementation of the project for air transport, which also allowed to improve the materials for cars. It was all for every person’s comfort in any transport.