Il-18 sound insulation for the general staff of the armed forces

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In August 2015 StP vibro-acoustic laboratory staff carried out an important project on Il-18 sound insulation. The aircraft is intended for the Chief of the General Staff of Russian Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov.

In this project, laboratory staff made measurements of the noisiest and the most vibro-loaded aircraft elements, conducted the installation of sound insulation materials and full acoustic correction of the aircraft.

By the way, the legend of the Soviet aircraft industry, Il-18, is still one of the essential aircrafts. The most relevant advantage of the airplane is an economical fuel consumption, flight range and good navigation. But the airplane had obvious problems with the engines noise. There was strong low-frequency noise, reaching up to 118 dB in the screws area, in particular. And it is not just discomfort for passengers, but also a clear health hazard, especially with prolonged influence.

Our laboratory staff coped with this problem. Unique Standartplast materials helped to solve the noise problem. Now the plane has become really comfortable for passengers during flights of any distance.

This is especially important for the Chief of the General Staff of Russian Armed Forces, as this position is associated with continuous flights and concentration. Now, thanks to the staff of Standartplast scientific-research center, IL-18 aircraft has become modern, comfortable and even more indispensable for the heads of the state.