Project of the Year – president’s aircraft noise insulation

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The year 2013 was marked for the “Standartplast” company with a number of large projects. One of the most important one is sound insulation of presidential plane Il - 96.

For the full concentration on work, which is associated with frequent flights, the head of the state was had to improve the conference hall on the board of the plane and StP team gladly took up a new serious project.

It took a number of new developments which are actually, in their composition and characteristics, the combination of materials for architectural acoustics and tuning. Besides, the main requirements were fire resistance, thickness and weight of the materials.

There were also carried out the acoustic measurements of the most vibro and noise-loaded zones for the detection of frequency and the required level of noise reduction. Basically, they were parts of the fuselage, which are located near the engine and the tail section.

As a result, the research of vibro-acoustic characteristics of Il-96-300PU (M1) were successful and led to the development of a whole range acoustic protection system that meets PS-70 requirements according to GOST 20296-81.

It means that all the client’s requirements and the requirements presented in the State Standard of “Permissible noise levels in the cabin and cockpit and methods of noise measuring” were kept. And the cabin, including a conference hall, was provided with the effective StP sound insulation protection.